Design and lead sustainable transformation journeys in the Digital Era.

Identify Digital Needs

Design & Align Architecture Layers

Design & Align Architecture Layers

Achieve Business Goals

Dodigital Archietteti dell'informazione

Business and IT requirments alignment

We are Digital Transformation Architects. We aim and coordinate digitalization, starting from innovative services ideation through designing company processes, Information Systems architecture and new technology adoption.

Our approach facilitates and improves collaboration between Business and IT departments. We lead empowerment and change management plans to support people during the change.


Harmonize, rationalize and evolve Information System Architecture to ensure scalability, flexibility and Business and IT alignment.

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  • Choosing the right Software, Partner & Projects.
  • Designing Enterprise ICT Governance processes and tools using Enterprise Architecture principles.
  • Auditing and coaching the organizations to execute the Information Systems evolution roadmap.


Empathize best practices, cut wastes, quit bad management habits, introduce innovative ways to improve operational quality, time and resources management.

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  • Assessing the business model and identifying management priorities to balance resources optimization and flow management.
  • Identifying process KPI to be improved and defining the interventions using the principles and tools towards continuous improvement (Lean Thinking and Agile).
  • Auditing and coaching the organizations to introduce the new practices.


Enhance and innovate services taking advantages of digital technologies to re-direct business value proposition.

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  • Building tailor made models to understand business impact and identify business levers
  • Co-designing and leading Idea&Concept Generation using Design Thinking principles and tools.
  • Co-planning and co-executing the new services using the Lean Start-up approach.

About us

For 15 years we have managed Enterprise IT Systems evolution projects and become familiar with ICT market and channel. To accompany business from project ideation phase to project implementation we use a varaiety of experts. Our organization is flexible and scalable thanks to our multidisciplinary competencies and over time consolidated partnerships. We are Digital passionate and we costantly follow Digital evolution and its consequencies on Organizational level, Technology and Society.

Work with us

doDigital starts-up from a group of professionals with a common passion for innovation and technologies. We trust that sustainable transformations need a balanced mix of technological, management and design competencies. These competencies together with proactivity, goal-orientation and entrepreneurship are the assets we look for to increase our team. If you want to meet us and become part of doDigital’s team send us your application.

Via Farini, 5
20154 Milano

T. +39 02 9285 3115