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In order to generate authentic innovation, we engage with a variety of organisations and seek to foster partnerships with those seen to be ‘innovation actors’ within their specific niche.


Competenze tecniche di dominio focalizzate su processi e sistemi System Integrator più lungimiranti si sono evoluti in Agile Factory e si sono evoluti con acquisizione di Start up Hi-Tech


Approccio imprenditoriale e DNA nativamente digitale DoDigital affianca le imprese nel governo trasversale dell’innovazione attivando le competenze best-of-breed necessarie in base al contesto e agli obiettivi.


Orientamento al risultato di business con competenze digitali interiorizzate per acquisizioni successive, approccio all’Open Innovation entro i confini aziendali

The Startups
we’ve scouted

The demand for services and products is constantly evolving. We believe that to give a timely and effective response to digital technologies, the entrepreneurial mindset and continually updating innovative trends are critical factors for success.

We have found massive value generation in leveraging the dynamic expertise and strategy identified in startups as a boost for the innovation paths of the corporates we collaborate with.


Keeping up to date with the most advanced market offer by looking for answers to the following questions: What are the non-traditional services and solutions available on the market? In what direction is ‘radical’ innovation moving? Are there experimental applications of advanced technologies?


Creating matching opportunities between the innovation needs of our customers and the offer of hi-tech services and products by identifying and selecting start-ups with which to build relationships and propose joint projects with a view to proof of concept (POC) design and implementation.

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your startup

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