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Within the innovation process, we strongly believe the process of effectively mixing the company’s assets with solutions from a Hi-Tech market (Enterprise and Start-up) provides distinctive value.

The experience of evaluating traditional B2B software, combined with the knowledge of the innovative offer that emerges from the Hi-tech startup market allows us to support solid and cutting-edge application portfolio choices.

The scouting and reengineering tools we have developed come from the continuous study of the sector and provide the necessary elements to foster concrete innovation and increase the chances of success.


Our team monitors IT market solutions and the best IT vendors and provides the assessment of available solutions in technical (functional and technological), economic and organizational gaps terms.

We have gained 15 years of experience in the selection of management solutions (ERP, PLM, CRM, etc.) and the most suitable partners for implementation based on the characteristics of our customers.

The selection process also involves comparing technical and economic offers with the aim of ensuring informed investment choices.

From the design of new processes to the implementation and adoption of the new system we provide support for project management with tools aimed at facilitating engagement and commitment.

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Qualification and updating

Collecting information about the robustness of the solution, the team, and the type of service offered.


Comparison with the most interesting startups to identify areas of collaboration on projects.

Every day we scout hi-tech technology solutions and start-ups to create matching opportunities between the innovation needs of our customers and the offer of state-of-the-art services and products.

We identify and select the most promising startups and solutions in response to the needs of our customers and build joint projects for the design and implementation of a POC of the new service, process or product.

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Lean Thinking &
Business Process

Per le aziende
di processo

“Less is more”
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

The constant support of companies for the digitization of their business processes, allows us to map and know the main business processes related to multiple industries.

Lean Thinking skills allow an approach that goes beyond simple assessment, allowing the identification of waste and inefficiencies to be eliminated during the redesign of workflows, while enhancing the potential output of the technological offer.

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How to choose
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